Half of the world’s population is using social media platforms, according to Hootsuite — it’s safe to say that your customers are online. They’re interacting on social media channels and are going online to search for information and look for recommendations. If your company is not around to answer them, a competitor will be.

Use social media as a means of announcing relevant information. Are you expanding, entering a new market, recently certified, or offering a new product? By sharing your company’s voice through social media, it will open up unique opportunities to grow your business. I recommend three important social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • LinkedIn. The most popular B2B social media platform. It’s a great platform for generating new leads through networking and making connections with potential customers. It’s mainly used for business communications; your target audience is already there wanting to see what products and services your company is offering.
  • Twitter. A great medium for brand awareness. Amplify your content by tagging someone in a post, use hashtags to increase engagement, and add social captions so people get to know your brand’s voice. Be authentic. You have 280 characters to catch your customer’s attention and produce valuable information that your users want to hear.
  • Facebook. A great platform to interact with new and existing customers. The seed industry is a niche market — you are a subject matter expert and your role is to engage with your target audience by providing solutions. Take the opportunity to connect with your customers by asking for their opinions, answering questions, and addressing public feedback about your company. It shows that businesses are human too and it gives the process a personal touch; customers are then more likely to engage in a transaction.

Begin to build relationships with your customers beyond those that happen during normal business hours. For example, REI — an American company — sells outdoor gear, but they also give expert advice on hiking, camping and outdoor family activities. Remember, not everything you do through social media has to be a marketing campaign — add a little spark to your newsfeed and share a fun content piece.

Who is your audience? What do they want to hear from you? How do you stand out from the rest? These are all important questions you need to ask yourself. The end goal is to grow lasting and scalable relationships with your customer base.