Customer Value
Journey Mapping

Developing a digital marketing strategy is essential to acquire new customers, scale your business and accelerate revenue growth

A digital strategy is a vital piece of the puzzle when defining where and how to start if you haven’t mapped out a sales funnel and customer acquisition journey.

Often when we talk to clients, they ask us, “Where should I start with my digital marketing to maximize leads, sales conversion and customer lifetime value?” Great question. That’s really the crux isn’t it – where do I start?

Before deciding on what tactics you want to focus on, you first need to map out how your business acquires new customers so you can design a digital strategy that will maximize your revenue and growth potential.

Customer Value Journey

Don’t propose marriage on a first date.

Some organizations try to skip one or more stages of the Customer Value Journey, and that handicaps their ability to maximize customer acquisition. You must understand that if you want to move your prospects and customers to sell more of your products more often, you will need to think of how to help them transition through one stage to the other seamlessly.

It is also important to note that it is rare for a customer to move more than two stages at a time. A common reason why many organizations struggle to create real results through digital marketing is they try to move customers from the awareness stage to the ascend stage. If I were to make an analogy to explain to you the equivalent to that, the best example that comes to mind is it is like proposing marriage on a first date. You just wouldn’t do that. The same principle applies to the Customer Value Journey, you have to move through each step systematically. If a prospect is at the awareness stage, the furthest they will jump is to the subscribe stage.

The best part of it all is that this methodology can also be applied to your traditional marketing and your company will see great results from it.

The Customer Value Journey should drive the strategy for every digital marketing campaign. Before you do any online marketing, you need to first identify your sales stages and understand how you get and retain customers. Once you understand your sales process, you need to plan how you will provide your customer with immense value at every interaction they have with your company — from when they first find and research you, all the way until they first buy from you, and later when they become your lifelong customer and advocate.

Mapping your customer acquisition strategy is a productive first step if you want to achieve long term digital marketing success.

If you would like to learn more about how to map out your plan and implement this strategy, connect with us to meet with one of our strategists and learn the 8 step process to accelerate revenue growth.

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