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Hybrid events will shape the future of the industry

Events are evolving. What hasn’t changed is that it is still crucial to get in front of the right audience, and find meaningful ways to interact with them. We now have the ability to host hybrid events with our Dashboard Event Solution which can offer new opportunities for doing business and networking events. Partnering with the right virtual platform is the future of connection.

What does a hybrid event look like?

Hybrid events take advantage of the broad reach and ability of virtual conferencing to connect distant experts and resources to a physical event like a trade show with its vendor booths, demos, lunches and in-person  experiences expanding on networking opportunities for your organization.

Event organizers can leverage virtual event tools to stream keynotes and sessions and include interactive elements for the remote audience to engage, while creating opportunities that cater specifically to both in-person and virtual attendees. That means creating unique in-person experiences for events attendees, including content that can be only accessed virtually, and merging opportunities for both in-person and virtual attendees to network and interact with each other and with event content. 

Can a hybrid event increase your ROI?

Hybrid events allow you to reach a broader audience who may not be able to attend otherwise. By offering “virtual pass” options to your guests, you can increase the number of tickets sold as well as create additional  sponsorship opportunities.



The central hub for all your attendees and the first area they will see when they log in. You can welcome your guests with a welcome video, a brief overview/outline of your event/company vision as well as sponsorship opportunities.

Make sure you check out the leaderboard, built to drive engagement and track activity, points are allocated to certain actions within the platform, allowing you to rate the activity of specific users.


On the Events Post page, attendees are able to interact within a closed social network. It provides a great opportunity for organziers to post important information and get a message to all users quickly and efficiently in one central location.


The attendees page contains links to profiles customizable by users signed up for the dashboard. Guests in this area are able to send chat and meeting requests to others, notifications are then sent out to the email associated with the users account to alert them that they are being interacted with if they are on- or offline at the time.


Each month, bring your network closer together with 2 hours of live video, chat and moderation opportunities to deliver a key message.


On the speakers page attendees are able to see a list of your presenters and find out when their sessions will take place. Users can also write a personal note about each speaker or bookmark them for later.


Create booths for exhibitors or specific topics with our platform, connect with attendees using videos, downloadable content, meetings or chats. Customize it with overview information, social links, a logo and more.


Our advanced platform lets booth owners see when attendees enter your booth and how they are interacting. This allows not only the attendee to initiate a meeting or a chat, but booth owners can also reach out and ask if they have any questions or want further information just as if they were right in front of them.

Looking to follow up with potential leads in the future, export the data for a list of email you can upload to your CRM for continued interaction and potential customer generating strategies.


Through a clickable thumbnail on the page, sponsors are able to bring attendees to an information page about themselves.


Keep track of all previous and future meetings you have booked with another attendee or they have booked with you. Place your meetings directly into a calendar of choice and be shown as “busy” directly from the platform.


Have a seat at a topic table and connect with other dashboard attendees or join sponsor tables where a representative where a representative will host a discussion for the table.

Sponsor tables can have company’s logo on table. Discussions can last from 5 to a maximum of 60 minutes and table sizes can be customized between 2, 4, 10 and 16 seats. These can both be determined by the organizer.


Participate in a meeting room to connect with selected attendees on the dashboard. A great breakout area for teams to meet and review topics specific to their organization or topic.


Looking for a more portable solution?

Get the same experience as a desktop user on your mobile device so you can connect wherever you are.

Why consider a hybrid concept for your next event?

Independently of a global pandemic, there are several reasons that can affect the number of physical attendees to your event:


Travel restrictions in the country as well as and general awareness of sustainable travel concepts.


Expenses involved for a company to send someone to an event (travel, accommodation, food, etc)


Ability for attendees’ to network while balancing their existing workload and commitments.

Hybrid events will not threaten face-to-face meetings. They will add an additional component of engagement with probably more acceptance in the near future.

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