Have you ever thought about your favourite book and why you love it? Why you chose it, what kept you reading, wanting to know more? A good author shares many of the same qualities as a good salesperson. They know how to grab your attention, draw you in, and keep you thinking and focused until the end.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools marketers and salespeople can have in their arsenal. It helps build trust and credibility with your audience, which can lead to more sales. Here are three tips to help you use the power of storytelling to up your marketing and sales success:


  1. Tell a Story People Want to Hear

It’s simple: people buy based on emotion, not logic. Being able to connect with someone on a human level is key to building trust with them and ultimately closing a sale. This means building a rapport and selling yourself and your company as well as your product or service.


  1. Speak to Your Customer’s Needs and Wants

Take the time to get to know your customer and communicate to them in a way that resonates with them. This requires extensive exploration into your customer’s needs and wants, as well as  understanding what problems they are trying to solve or goals they are trying to achieve.


  1. Be Personal

No one wants to be just another statistic so make sure that you tailor your presentation and offer to address the key issues shared by your customer. By reminding them exactly how your product or service can get the job done for them, your chances of sealing the deal increase significantly.

Using a story to build connection helps people understand who you are and why they should care about you, your company and the products and services you offer. Doing it well is a masterful skill and powerful tactic to help you stand out from the crowd, leaving a lasting impression on your customers and more sales for your compay.

Does this ring true to you?
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