Seed Focused Content
that Converts



Developing a Strategy

To be effective, we must think about how content satisfies its readers’ interests, and strategize a way to appeal to our audience to move them closer to a transaction. Sales may be the ultimate goal, but they aren’t the only intention of a content marketing campaign. It can help to think backwards from the point of sale.

Ask yourself:

  • What needed to happen for your most recent sale to close?
  • What questions did you need to answer?
  • Which pain points was the client most concerned with?
  • How many conversations did it take?
  • What could have sped up the process?

If this feels overwhelming, we are here to help you establish the answers to these questions as well as build and execute a strategy to aid you in achieving your content marketing goals.

Critical Steps to Creating Content that Converts

Start with a Strategy

Establish your KPIs

Tell Your Story

Are you sharing quality content backed with a strategy to attract new leads?

If you’re not sure, book a short call to chat with us and learn our other top two ways to develop and execute effective content that coverts for the seed industry.

Seed World CREATE can help with your digital marketing strategy through many tools and channels, from your planning your website to creating content for social media and much more.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Virtual Event Production
    • Conferences
    • Field Days
    • Engagement Platform
  • Virtual Trade Booth
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Digital Ad Packages
    Social Media Ads, Google Ads, Email marketing, Newsletter design templates, YouTube ads, Infographics
  • SEO and SEM Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Landing Pages & Lead Magnet Package