Week 2

What are the 2 measures you have to focus on when trying to achieve your WIG?


  1. Ken S

    Lead and Lag.

  2. Kyle Dratowany

    Style and how windy it is that day.
    Just joking, Lag & Lead measures.

  3. Obi

    Lead and Lag

  4. Ruskin

    Lead and Lag

  5. Marcel

    Lead and Lag measures

  6. Craig

    Leading and lagging metrics

  7. Charlene

    Lead and Lag Metrics

  8. Dean

    Lead and Lag. The double L.

  9. Lesley

    Lead and Lag

  10. Sonja

    Lead and Lag

  11. Marc

    Lag and lead — assessing current conditions and predicting future ones. This can help us achieve accurate projections for success.

  12. Michelle

    Lead and Lag

  13. Theresa

    Lead and Lag measures