Week 6

Name one of the reasons WHY your team should hold WIG sessions


  1. Charlene McIvor

    The sessions allow you connect with others that are working towards the same WIG and work as a team to keep on the right path. Staying focused, leaning on others successes and addressing and adapting to challenges that arise along the journey.

  2. Alex

    Sessions can keep you focused on your WIG even when you have a flurry of other urgent demands pulling you in different directions.

  3. Lindsay Hoffman

    For clarity, to ensure your team is focused on the right things

  4. Ken

    maintain focus and enthusiasm

  5. Kyle Dratowany

    Accountability and just keeping everyone informed.

  6. craig

    Team accountability, checking the scoreboard, removing roadblocks

  7. Marc Z

    The sessions provide an opportunity to celebrate progress, reenlist the energies of the team, and reengage everyone.

  8. Sonja Begemann

    To celebrate success.

  9. Ashley

    They allow team members to learn from each other on how to move forward lead measures. If one team member succeeds, then others can follow that persons lead and adopt their approach. But if that action isn’t working then the team finds out early.

  10. theresa

    Accountability, to see if they’ve achieved their goals, commitments for the following week. Ways the team can help and support that individual in achieving their goals.

  11. Michelle

    The sessions give team members the help they need to keep their commitments. If someone runs into a barrier, the team decides how to clear the path.

  12. Dean