Week 10

What did you find most beneficial from reading this book?


  1. Ken Squire

    easy to follow. great takeaways.

  2. Marc Zienkiewicz

    It made me think of how I can be more purposeful in how I structure my workday and avoid the trappings of the whirlwind.

  3. Charlene McIvor

    The idea of focusing on one WIG goal and breaking down the pieces needed to achieve that goal.

  4. Alex

    I’d agree with Shelby — I have a lot of different tasks to move through throughout the day, ranging from posting to editing to writing, etc. Learning how to make ONE WIG to focus on really seems like an answer to all of my problems, and everything else would fall to place around it.

  5. theresa

    The WIG and tools to support you and your team on achieving it.

  6. craig

    Focus on the one thing.

  7. Ashley

    Definitely prioritizing goals and be able to focus on one WIG. Yes we have day to day tasks and “goals” but being able to have one larger goal to focus on is important and will get you ahead in the long run.

  8. Lesley

    The book gleaned and acknowledged some skills that I didn’t realize I have learned over time or forgot I already knew.

  9. Ewa

    These principles, when used with commitment and perseverance, can be adapted to improve both professional and personal lives. When we track our performance, we become more engaged and more successful in our efforts.

  10. Michelle

    The tips on focusing on one WIG goal….

  11. Aiden Brook

    4DX forces you to check in with yourself and make sure you are headed in the right direction.

    That’s what I find most beneficial.

  12. Sonja Begemann

    I have a lot of goals – personal and professional. The idea of drilling down to one incredibly specific goal (WIG) with strong measures of success and metrics by which you can tell you’re on track is critical. While day-to-day and smaller goals/tasks can support the goal, it’s so important to know the big big goal. I’m eager to create that path as we work to become a digital powerhouse.

  13. Shelby

    I found this book to be a good reminder of a lot of helpful practices. Like staying focused, staying consistent, and holding yourself and your team accountable.One of the biggest things I learned was that you need to focus on ONE WIG.


    The concept to focus on leading metrics instead of focusing only on lagging metrics.