Week 4

Which of the following is not one of the 4 questions used to determine a compelling scoreboard?
    • Is it simple?
    • Can I see it easily?
    • Is it important?
    • Does it show lead and lag measures?
    • Can I tell at a glance if I’m winning?


  1. Dean

    Is it important


    is it important?

  3. Ashley

    Is it important?

  4. Kyle Dratowany

    Is it important

  5. Charlene McIvor

    Is it important?

  6. Theresa

    Is it important?

  7. Marc Zienkiewicz

    Is it important. The results become personally important to the team when the scoreboard is displayed where it can be seen by everyone, which is why “Can I see it easily” is the one that belongs on this list.

  8. Michelle

    Is it important?

  9. Lesley

    “Is it important?” is not one of the questions.