Does Florida Georgia Line know their audience? You bet! I think we all like to believe we can connect with people – connect with ideas, connect with opportunities, or connect on an emotional level. Most of my world is driven by three simple words:

1. AUDIENCE – Identify and understand who you are connecting with.

2. MESSAGE – Confirm what you want to share.

3. CHANNEL – Determine the best possible vehicle to deliver it.

With this simple concept, it becomes quite possible to systemize our efforts to connect with our customers.

The other day our Vice President of Client Services, Lindsay Hoffman, commented that the demand for our Content Lab continues to grow because our clients are seeing spectacular connection.

“Everyone wants to generate great content and everyone has some great ideas, but not everyone can generate content that connects with people… this is where our seed industry journalists are moving the needle,” she explained. Together with our clients, the Content Lab team is generating engaging, informative and entertaining content.

I am consistently asked to help our clients define topics that will connect with the seed industry. The reality is that any topic of personal interest and/or expertise can be a topic to make a connection. The key is sharing authentically. Show people what you know and that you care – excitement and passion is contagious.

If you had 10,000 potential clients in front of you what would you tell them? Would you share content that would educate and entertain your audience? Present an offer too good to be true? Share a fresh idea? Create a ‘call to action?’ All are very important components in building a connection, and all part of the recipe you need to connect with your audience.

For those of us that lead businesses, please remember that ‘follows’ are great, re-tweets show engagement, but getting your target audience what they need (when they need it) is what drives revenue and generates success. Content is king and a core element of making connection.

Connection is the beginning of trust and trust is necessary for sales.

How do make connections? Would love to hear your ideas! Email me: .