It seems like podcasts are all the rage these days. It’s for good reason.

If you’re not already aware, a podcast is basically a serial radio program, only instead of being broadcast via the radio, it exists as digital audio files available for download on-demand at any time.

I’ve been podcasting for a few years now, and I love it. Podcasting is a great way to get good content out there and promote your business, for the following reasons.

It’s simple to produce. All you need is a recording device and a laptop. The recording device can be as simple as your laptop’s built-in mic, a handheld digital voice recorder (the kind reporters use to record interviews) or can be a more elaborate microphone developed for podcasting purposes. Then you record your audio — be it you speaking, an interview, or a combination of the two — and just put it together using a simple audio editing program. Your laptop likely has one built-in already.

It’s cost-effective. You don’t need an expensive video camera or lighting equipment. Just a simple audio recording device and a relatively quiet place to chat — or even a loud place to chat! Most modern digital recording devices are able to filter out background noise so that you and your subject can be heard clearly despite there being some commotion in the background.

People love podcasts. They are convenient to download and listen to, and they’re usually free. Get a sponsor on board and a podcast can be a good source of revenue for you while getting your content out there in a new and exciting way.

Podcasts are flexible. You can do it as simply or as complicated as you’d like. It can be a straight-run interview with little to no editing, or something more elaborate with narration, music and sound effects. Whatever you feel like doing or have time to do.

Anyone can do a podcast. You don’t have to have a “radio voice”. Just speak clearly and you’re on your way to becoming a virtual radio host. You’ll get better over time, which is half the fun as your podcast evolves and improves as you get more confident and gain experience.

You can literally start podcasting today. You probably already have the tools, and if you don’t, a basic recording device won’t break the bank. Best of all, you’ll see people’s ears perk up when you mention you have a podcast. You’ll have their attention, which in this age of social media and constant distraction is worth its weight in gold.