Overcoming Obstacles

Learn how Seed World Group harnessed technology to bring a group of international seed representatives together amid a global pandemic that cancelled in-person networking events since March 2020.


The goals we set out to achieve with Seed World International were:

  • launch the Seed World International issue.
  • create sponsorship opportunities to generate revenue.
  • develop networking opportunities for the industry.
  • present the capabilities of our virtual event dashboard.


Virtual Event
Video Production
Speaking & Facilitation
Digital Strategy

Expand your Audience Around the Globe

Guests Attended the Live Event

Guests Consumed Content Two Weeks Post Event

Guests Visited More Than Two Weeks Post Event

Sizzle Reel

Developed in-house with Virtual Conference footage, our team created a short sizzle reel to be used in promotional materials for the event.


Seed World Group announced the event to a global audience of industry professionals using a combination of informative and interactive video emails.

Social Media

Our team took advantage social media’s power of connection using engagement driving tactics, such as tagging a colleague or sharing with friends.


Sponsorships were offered within the platform to generate engagement with organaizations hoping to speak to the global seed industry.

International Sponsors

Interactive Booth Visits


Additional Event Revenue

Giant Views

Seed World Group staff explored Giant Views with professionals in our industry and broadcast them live for guests to watch.

Innovation Hub

Sponsors customized their booths and connected with attendees using videos, downloadable content, meetings or chats.

Power Hours

Attendees could sit down at a table and connect with other industry professionals in a more casual networking experience.

Seed World International Flipbook Impressions

Engagements on our exclusive Event Feed

Seed World Giant Views Session Broadcasts


Seed World International expanded from a simple issue launch to a 4 day live networking event bringing together seed industry representatives from around the world. Over 400  individuals participated in networking discussions, experienced live interviews with industry giants, and received exclusive access to the Seed World International issue.

“The Power Hours are a unique and interesting way to meet new people in a less formal atmosphere!”

Seed World CREATE can help with your digital marketing strategy through many tools and channels, from your planning your website to creating content for social media and much more.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Virtual Event Production
    • Conferences
    • Field Days
    • Engagement Platform
  • Virtual Trade Booth
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Digital Ad Packages
    Social Media Ads, Google Ads, Email marketing, Newsletter design templates, YouTube ads, Infographics
  • SEO and SEM Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Landing Pages & Lead Magnet Package

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