Filling the Sales Funnel

The challenge is as old as commerce itself, and it is voiced in a number of ways:


I want to improve market share, and capture revenue currently going to my competition


I need to develop a strategy to grow my list of potential prospects but don’t where to start


I don’t know how to use marketing to generate qualified leads for my business

The key to revenue growth is attracting potential customers, winning them over, and converting them to the sale. It’s also crucial to create an ongoing relationship with your current customers, ensuring repeat sales and creating advocates for your brand in the marketplace.

Capturing attention of the right people requires the choice of the right target market, reaching out effectively with the right information to engage and attract those targets, and converting those targets into leads with the right offer at the right time.

Your Sales Funnel and the Customer Value Journey

New marketing models evolve constantly, but the fundamental things, in fact, still do apply.

Digital marketers are currently embracing the concept of a Customer Value Journey.  On face value, it’s way of viewing the ongoing relationship between customer and vendor, with an eye towards customer retention, repeat sales, and brand building.  CVJ strategies aim to build customer loyalty and protecting them from the entreaties of competitors. 

Customer Value Journey

The first four stages of the Journey look an awful lot like the traditional marketing and sales funnel.


Make potential customers aware of your business – what you do and who you are.


Grab the attention of your prospect and encouraging them to engage and interact with your brand.


Gather your prospects contact information and continue to educate, pulling them into your sales funnel.


Get your prospects to make that first purchase, trial or demo. This gives them the chance to really experience your offering.

Getting new potential customers nurtured to the point where they become active prospects is the highest of goals. Properly nurtured, these are warm prospects at this stage.  They already know who you are, know of your products, have started to dig deeper to learn all the features and benefits of your offering.

The painful fact is you need a consistent flow of new prospects into your sales funnel.  Using all available forms of media to create warm prospects, who pick up a phone, fill out a form, and ask you to discuss the sale, is a wise move.

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