Top 5 Questions to
Sales Team

How is your sales team performing? How is your sales team behaving? How is your sales team representing your company to your customers?

A smart question will bring in informative answers. 

Asking your sales team the right questions, and then carefully listening to the answers enables an astute leader to gain insight into a team’s overall effectiveness. As a bonus, showing your sales team that you support their development and understand their struggles boosts your team’s overall morale.

Here are our top five questions to start building a SUCCESSFUL seed specific sales team.

  1. How do you introduce yourself to a new potential client?

This gives you an instant picture of how your team presents to potential clients. This question must be positioned with a softer touch that shows that you are not trying to catch them up, just trying to see how the “boots on the ground” are interacting with potential clients.

  1. What is the number one thing that your clients are looking for? Can you deliver it?

You will gain insight into what your sales team hears as the “ask” from clients, this will confirm if they are asking questions out in the field or are stuck on an “information sharing only” path.


According to InsideSales, 50% of all sales will happen after the fifth contact with a prospect. Unfortunately, the majority of sales reps will give up after just two interactions.

Do you struggle with sales prospecting? You’re not alone. 40% of salespeople say that this part of the sales process is the most difficult, closely followed by closing and qualifying.

  1. How would you describe your sales process?

You may get some blank stares to begin with here but stick with it … what process does your sales team follow to move a client through the buying cycle … this is absolutely critical to seeing what parts of the process are working and to ensure that it is a scalable process.

  1. What is your most common objection?

This will help to generate clarity around what your sales team sees as the biggest hurdle … to be clear, it is THEIR interpretation of the hurdle and may not be exactly as described. Knowing this information helps to guide a closing path.


According to Gong, salespeople can boost their chances of success by 74% during a lead call by asking 11 to 14 insightful questions.

  1. What is the one sales tool you wish you had but don’t?

This opens up the sales person to understanding that you know they need tools, you know that they need support and allows you to hear what they believe is important for them to be successful.

NOTE: don’t worry if they have a list of things they say they need, they have probably been telling anyone that would listen the list for years – now YOU know what they are and can decide what works for implementation.

Ask questions … stay focused on being positive and LISTEN!

Prospects are becoming harder to reach over the phone, so sales reps must be more persistent than ever before. Spotio claims that it takes around eight attempts to reach a prospect today, compared to just 3.68 attempts back in 2007.

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