vs. Stats
in the seed industry

Drive stronger, deeper connections.

Here are our top five reasons why you should be focusing on telling your story vs. sharing statistics.

When you share a story with someone, you communicate experiences in a way that can give your brand meaning and allows your readers to relate with you on events in their own lives. Telling a story vs. sharing statistics builds trust and understanding with your audience, keeping them engaged while delivering the information you want to present.

  1. We remember what we feel.

Telling a story makes you more memorable. Studies of neuroscientists show that when you wrap up facts in the context of a story delivered with emotion, different parts of the brain are activated that are associated with memory.  

  1. They help you find common ground with your audience.

The power of a good story is sharing experiences that help your audience connect with your brand. People prefer to say yes to those with whom they share common ground. 

It is estimated that statistics are approximately 22 times more likely to be remembered when they are part of a story.

  1. You can share in a common purpose.

It’s not easy to demonstrate purpose with numbers. When you tell a story you can express the core values of your business, potentially connecting with your audience in areas that aren’t simply statistics. Finding a human connection can turn your prospects into collaborators, co-creators, participants.

  1. Stories are relatable.

Stories are relatable. Statistics are inherently not. If you can find a narrative that lets you empathise with your customers’ fears, needs and ambitions, you can make a connection that is far more meaningful to your audience. By humanizing their product. Their audience can relate.

  1. Stories power the long game.

Statistics provide a short-term argument for your product. It improves productivity by X% or can save you $X. When you develop a campaign that is built around a foundation of stories, you develop an emotional connection with your audience creating long-term memories and associations. These stories will continue to influence purchase decisions long after the campaign has finished.

Storytelling in B2B marketing is a long-term investment that can result in better engagement and retention of your messages, a more relatable brand and long-term growth.

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